Thank you for visiting Steve's Scoring. This internet site provides an opportunity for you to check inventory, get quotes, and place orders. You can also learn about the wide array of services at your disposal. From scoring, drilling, and routing to materials sourcing and warehousing, Steve's Scoring is ready to provide the best service anywhere. We offer same day and 24 hour turns at very competitive prices. Steve's Scoring Inc is ISO 9001 certified.


Dawn Schoeder
Mel Schoeder
                    "We take customer service to the next level"

Scoring: We have a unique perspective on controlled quality and explosive capacity. We're confident you'll agree there is no combination like advanced equipment and highly trained operators. We can also do the drilling and routing while your product is here. Whatever saves you time. When it comes to scoring aluminum and copper, we can deliver a quality product within 24 hours No project to small or large for us.  

Drilling: The secret to our drilling operation is simple: some of the best equipment teamed with the best and most highly trained operators in the business - over 25 years of combined experience to be exact.

Routing: We also have dedicated routers. Get your flat edges scored, the radius edges routed, and component holes drilled, all by machines and operators specifically tooled and trained for it.

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